The Week To Come: Zen Tarot Forecast for April 17th 2017

April 17, 2017

 Well hello from wonderful Northport Maine. 


I need to be as brief as possible because today is not a day to be in front of the screen. Rather it is a day for me and my wife Jessie to celebrate our first year of marriage together. We started the day out with a huge card spread and we are working on a harmonizing ritual for ourselves. 


Brother Abe had a fever all weekend and we were quite worried for him. However we were able to treat him over the course of three days and he is in great health once more. Abe is back to his boundless self dancing away downstairs to some country music. If there is one constant in the universe, other than Jessie and I loving each other, it is that Abe will ALWAYS dance to country western music.


I have an important trip to Los Angeles and The Endless Song as projects to occupy my mind and Jessie meanwhile needs to figure out where we will be living. Part of our ritual is to secure ourselves a home that can be safe for us, the family we want to raise and a home for Abe as well. He is a big part of our lives and has revealed to us just how great a pair we are. That's why Jessie and I know we can handle almost anything the world can send our way. Because our love has been the one constant we can rely on.


That and each other. Now, then and forever more. 


I'll see you all tomorrow and until then. 


In love, light and laughter.

Be well




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