The Endless Song: Updates and Information

April 7, 2017


Hello dear reader. I hope these words are finding you well. I've managed to set up a blog site on my WOO-HOO! Expect more in depth articles in the days to come, but today I'm going to have to be brief. I am getting ready for a one month stay in the United States. My wife Jessie lives in Maine and on April 17th we will be celebrating our first year marriage anniversary. Please send us gifts! 


(btw pre-ordering a copy of the Endless Song would make for a great gift)




So the campaign has been given an extension by the people at Publishizer. The reason is that I'm losing a week of campaigning because of a sudden business trip to Los Angeles. There is a wonderful opportunity for several production projects we want to have greenlight and we will be meeting with some pretty big players. 


I'll keep you all posted, but this is terribly exciting. 


So right now The Endless Song has 23 days left to the pre-order campaign. 


At 100 pre-sales my manuscript will be submitted to 37 different publishers.


At 250 pre-sales it will be submitted to 66!


As of this writing I have 59 pre-orders for The Endless Song so please if you haven't already pre-orders a copy of the Endless Song Today!


THE ETERNAL WATCHER package gives you not only three signed copies of the book but you also get a seven card video tarot card reading AND you and I will conceive a character together who will wind up being in the book!




 I've been getting a great deal of feedback from the tarot readings that I've sent out to my backers. It has all been good and I am glad that my gift of card reading has been able to offer insight to so many of you. I want you all to know that I'll still be doing more of these readings once the campaign is done. I've really been enjoying the process and while it is tiring it is also really, really fun. And ultimately isn't that why we exist? To have a fun life/existence?


I'll be producing longer blog posts in the days to come. But right now I've got to get to packing. I'll see you all very soon. 


In love, light and laughter

Be well




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